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Classes & Events

It's a new year and it's time to get serious about becoming more self-reliant. Let's face it — times are tough. A backyard garden can add to your families' security and health. Join the crowd and make plans to join us for our "Do-It-Yourself-Gardening" series.

All classes are free unless specifically noted. We ask that you please call the stores in advance to register. Space is limited and classes fill quickly. Get your calendar out and start scheduling!

2017 Gardening & Birding Classes


North Ridgeville: Saturday, April 1, 10am
Amherst: Saturday, April 1, 1pm
Pruning UGH! Too much, too little, not sure? Fran will show the how's, when's and the why's. We'll be covering trees, shrubs and perennials. Bring your questions and we'll walk and talk you through it. Class is FREE! Please RSVP.

Jonathan Green Lawn Care
North Ridgeville: Saturday, April 8, 10am
NEW PRODUCT: Jonathan Green Lawn Care. Get that lush green lawn with a few simple steps. Dan will answer all your questions to easily get you on the path to a beautiful lawn for all four seasons! Class is FREE! Please RSVP.

North Ridgeville: Saturday, April 22, 10am
Amherst: Saturday, April 22, 1pm
Hydrangeas are one confusing family of plants! Let us help you unravel their mysteries. Learn about the many kinds, how to feed them, and how to properly prune them to get them to bloom like the gorgeous pictures you have in your mind. Come ready to take lots of notes. Class is FREE! Please RSVP.

Cement Leaf Casting with Sue
North Ridgeville: Saturday, April 22, 10am
Sue will show you how to make beautiful castings from leaves. They make great feeders, planters, bird baths, etc. There are so many ideas! $20 cost, all supplies included. Please RSVP.

Espoma Fertilizers
North Ridgeville: Tuesday, April 25, 6pm
Jim from Espoma will be covering the different types of fertilzer (inlcuding organic) that Espoma has to offer and the plant material it will benefit. How, when, why and which product to use. Class is FREE! Please RSVP.


Insect Habitats & Pollinators
North Ridgeville: Saturday, May 6, 10am
Amherst: Saturday, May 6, 1pm
We all know that garden pollinators are trouble. What most gardeners don't know is that they can do something to help. Fran will share photos of her insect habitat. Learn how to build your own habitat and what to plant around the structure. We will include slides of pollinators, beneficial insects — AKA "The Good Guys" — and the plants that support them. Know 'em and love 'em! Class is FREE! Please RSVP.