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A Word From The Birds

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When September arrives, birds are on the move, some migrating and others starting to get ready for winter. Our job is to make sure we help them prepare in both cases. Here are just a few things to remember as we help them get ready.

Make your yard a place where the birds will want to come and rest and feed, you never know who might stop by for meal and a bath.

Make sure you have seed with plenty of oily sunflower seed and nuts, and some dried fruit would be a nice touch. This would be a good time to try Don Mould's bird seed with Cherries!

Remember: Millet Is Good - Milo Is Bad! Millet and Milo are the tiny little seeds that get kicked to the ground but, the difference is this, millet is a favorite of ground feeding birds where milo is just filler and the birds do not like it. Be careful about using most commercial mixes from the grocery or big box stores. Often they have a high percentage of milo and other fillers like wheat and the birds won't eat these fillers, it is just wasted and makes a mess for you to clean up.

Don't be too quick to clean out those flower beds; there are a lot of seed producing plants that will attract the birds to your yard.

Hope this is a help for you. Look for more tips to come.

Feeding Tips

Feed Nyjer seed for birds like Goldfinches that are here all winter.

  • When birds are on the move, Black-Oily Sunflower Seed is the way to go. Pick mixes with high amounts of Oily Sunflower. Pick a seed mix with 50% or more Black-Oily Sunflower seeds in it.
  • White Millet, Safflower, Striped Sunflower, and Shelled Peanuts are also good sources of calories to help energize those on the move and to help keep the other ones coming back to your feeder all winter.
  • Nyjer seed is a must have, Gold Finch and Pine Siskins are around all winter and they love their Nyjer seed. By feeding Nyjer seed now you will bring them to your area and keep them coming back all winter.
  • Use a mix with at least 40% White Millet to attract "snow birds" like Juncos. Offer millet in a ground tray feeder, this is where some of the birds like to eat, birds like Juncos and Doves.
  • Remember this is the time of year birds start to migrate so fill those feeders and watch what happens. A variety of feeders and baths make your yard an oasis for the birds.
  • Don't Forget To Feed Suet and Remember Your Birds Still Need Water!!

Suet Tips

Hang suet feeders right on the tree trunk to attract Woodpeckers.

  • This is the time of year you can start switching from the no-melt suet dough's to the more fatty type suet's.
  • Feed fatty suet's this month with lots of added nuts to provide your wintering birds with the fuel they need to stay warm and the energy your migrating birds need. Remember Peanuts are a source of calories!
  • These suet's have nuts in them: St. Albans Bay's Peanut Blend, Nuts & Berry, and the Woodpecker Blend.
  • Feed suet in a tree or bush where suet-eating birds normally search for food.
  • Feed suet in more than one location for increased activity.
  • Don't forget some Robins and Waxwings over winter in our area and they love Meal Worms and Fruit. Try the Dried/Roasted Meal Worms and some Dried Fruit. You can mix the dried fruit and meal worms together. A ground tray feeder works very well for this type of feeding. You can also add some of each in your bird seed to get them started.
  • Remember the water!! As always, water is a very important part of taking care of our fathered friends. We have a variety of baths at our stores.