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Animal Supplies

Chicken Supplies

Amherst store only

We have everything you need to start or maintain your brood of chickens.

Our main line is Manna Pro feed products, made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure that your flock meets its full potential.

We also feature Little Giant products like brooding lamps, heat lamp bulbs, heated water can bases, feeders and watering supplies.

In addition, we also carry Happy Hen treats, waterers, leg bands, egg laying aids, and more.

Dog & Cat Food

Amherst store only

We studied lots of different brands before we selected the two brands that we carry. We wanted them to be the best there is for your pets.

Our featured line of dog food is called Grandma Mae's Country Naturals. Their all-natural dog and cat food features the perfect balance of proteins and other natural and holistic ingredients, the product of a collaboration of dedicated professionals who have devoted decades to ensuring that pets receive the very best nutrition.

The other brand we carry is Artemis, which takes a holistic approach to dog food. Their products are carefully crafted to supply the necessary nutrition to your dog at every stage of life, from puppyhood to the golden years.

Both of these lines are 100% made in the U.S.A. and feature no by-products or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Birding Supplies

Both of our stores are Droll Yankee Bird stores, so we have a great selection of feeders, houses, thistle feeders, seed, suet, all that you need to bring those winter birds to your home. Remember: Droll Yankee products are guaranteed for life and repairs are free.

We also offer our own Don Mould's Cherry Mix — it has fruit in it that the birds will love!

Be sure to sign up for our Bird Seed Club. We keep track of all the seed you purchase and everytime you get to $200 you get $20 to spend on anything bird-related, including bird seed, birdbaths, feeders, houses, bird heaters, flags, and more.